Balance Roundup: 10 September 2013

I know that this week’s roundup is a day early, but today is World Suicide Prevention Day. And given the disturbing rise in suicide rates in recent years, I wanted to do my small part for raising awareness. I think that Anne Lamott’s wise words set a great tone for today.

Goodies for the Week:

Let’s jump right in. Here is the link to the International Association of Suicide Prevention’s page about World Suicide Prevention Day. Today’s the day, but there are activities and blog parties going on all week long. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this important topic and help bring it into the light. You can also join in with the Suicide Prevention and Social Media (#SPSM) Tweetchat on Sunday evenings at 9 pm CDT.

September is also the month that has been designated for the recognition of ovarian and other gynecological cancers. September’s teal often gets lost under October’s pink, but this is a great reminder that people facing serious illness need support and recognition–no matter what the diagnosis is.

Here’s another moment of recognition–fall is almost upon us. If you’re like me, stuck in the early September heatwave here in Missouri, fall can’t come soon enough. I appreciated this list of reminders from Rosie Molinary that we can choose to slow down and have a less frantic fall.

I appreciate this post from Dr. Elisha Goldstein, in which he uses some recent research about what people regret at the end of life to offer some suggestions about how we choose to live today.

And I had to share this powerful, painful post from Jenny, The Bloggess, about the reality of insecurity and the struggle with self-worth that many people with depression and anxiety (or maybe just with functioning lungs) often feel.

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